Original Maths Invaders Topics

The list of topics below are ordered from most popular to least popular.

1. The CD/DVD is not recognised in Windows 2000/XP/Vista (Preview)

Sometimes after inserting a CD/DVD, the drive does not recognise the disc. CD/DVD read issues can have many causes. After completing each of these possible solutions, test the CD/DVD to see whether or not the issue has been resolved. For any procedure that requires you to change current system settings, record the original settings before […]

2. Running a program in Compatibility Mode (Preview)

On a Windows computer, some of the more common issues can be resolved by running the program in Compatibility Mode. Depending on your operating system, the following links may prove useful. Compatibility Mode in Windows 2000 Compatibility mode in Windows XP Compatibility Mode in Windows Vista. Try different compatibility settings until you find one which […]

3. Error: KRNL386.EXE (Preview)

When trying to install the program on Windows 95/98/Me/XP, the following error appears: “Install has caused an error in KRNL386.EXE” This problem may be caused by a conflict or lack of system resources. Check you have the correct system requirements and reinstall the program as follows: Close all programs. Disable any anti-virus and firewall programs […]

4. Error: "Set handle context entry point" (Preview)

When running the program, the following error appears: “Set handle context entry point” You can fix this error by deleting your temporary files.. You might also need to install the program manually.

5. Installation instructions (standalone version) (Preview)

How do I install the program on the local hard drive? Most EdAlive products come with a QuickStart card, which gives basic instruction for installing and using the program. See the QuickStart card that came with your CD.

6. Creating a shortcut/alias (Preview)

How do I create a shortcut/alias to the program on the desktop? Presently, the default settings for program installers create a shortcut/alias on the desktop for all user accounts (previously, the installer only created the shortcut/alias for the currently logged in user). Use these instructions if a shortcut/alias was not placed on your desktop and […]

7. Unresponsive installations on a Mac OS X (Preview)

When installing the program on a Mac OS X, clicking the “Install” button has no effect. This is a permissions issue. Log in as a computer administrator and try installing the program.

8. Error: "Unable to write to file." (Preview)

When logged on as a standard user on Windows XP, the following access errors occur when trying to use the program: “Unable to write to file. Press OK to continue.” Explanation This is a permissions issue. Solution To resolve the problem do the following: Log in as an administrator. Right click the program folder and […]

9. The installation program does not run automatically. (Preview)

After inserting the CD into the CD drive of the computer, the installation program does not run automatically. Explanation 1 You are using an Apple Macintosh with Max OS X. Solution Since the release of the Max OS X line of operating systems, Apple have dropped the feature of automatically running programs or opening files […]

10. What are the minimum system requirements? (Preview)

You can find the minimum system requirements on the product index page.

11. Enabling the security tab on Windows XP (Preview)

To enabled the security tab on Windows XP, follow the steps below. Note that for Windows XP Home, you may need to follow these steps in Safe Mode. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu. Double click “Folder Options”. Under the “Advanced settings” section of the “View” tab, de-select “Use simple file sharing (Recommended)”. […]

12. Error: "Fatal exception error" (Preview)

When running the program, the following error appears: “Fatal exception error” There are many potential causes to a fatal exception error. This microsoft article may be of assistance in resolving it.

13. Error: "General Protection Fault" (Preview)

When running the program on a Windows computer, the following error message appears: “General Protection Fault in Module ******.EXE at ****” Explanation This issue is probably caused by a conflict or lack of system resources. Solution Uninstall the program Reboot your computer. Disable any anti-virus and firewall programs that you have running. Delete your temporary […]

14. Error: "decompression error" (Preview)

When trying to install the program, the following error appears: “decompression error” Explanation This problem may be caused by a variety of reasons. Solution If you are using an older version of the product, you can resolve this issue by performing a manual installation. Newer versions of the product do not come with manual installation […]

15. Running Aussie Maths Invaders over a network (Preview)

A number of customers have reported issues (program freezes) when running the program from a server across a network. The program is very small (about 1.3MB) and is best installed on individual machines. Additionally, the Windows version doesn’t keep records so this is another reason why network use is not required.

16. Error: 16-bit Windows Subsystem

An error message similar to the following appears when trying to install or run the program: “The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application.” This error message is similar to the 16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem error. Follow the same procedure, using the “CONFIG.NT” file. Note […]

17. Performing a manual installation (Preview)

How can the product be installed manually if, for example, the installer program doesn’t work? Manually installing the program varies depending on the operating system you are using. It also depends on the version you are using, as not every version of EdAlive products provide manual installation files. Macintosh Copy the required files from the […]

18. Installation error (Preview)

A setup error occurs during installation of the program. This issue is most likely caused by a conflict. A possible solution is to copy misetup.exe (or misetup) from the CD to desktop and try installing the program from there. Note that you may need to start your computer in safe mode to be able to […]

19. Operating system compatibility (Preview)

Does program work on NT, Me and Windows 2000?Yes.

20. The program doesn't make any sounds. How do I enable sound? (Preview)

To enable sound, check the following. The speakers are plugged in and turned on. The speaker volume is turned up. The volume settings on the computer are correct (turned up, not muted, etc). Your computer has a sound card. Note that hearing system sounds does not mean your computer has a sound card, as system […]

21. Missing shortcuts from the Start menu. (Preview)

The program has been installed but isn’t listed in the Start menu. The installer places shortcuts to the program in the Start menu under “Programs” (or “All Programs”), but it is called “Maths Invaders” not “Aussie Maths Invaders”. Note that the program installs fully onto the hard drive, meaning the CD is not required in […]

22. Numbers don't appear on the game screen. (Preview)

When numbers are typed on the keyboard, they don’t seem to appear on the game screen. Check that the keyboard is connected to the computer. If the “Num Lock” key on the keyboard is not set to ON, you can type the numbers in the game using the keypad.

23. Some buttons and status indicators are not visible. (Preview)

On Windows XP, some buttons and status indicators are not visible. This error has to do with the default font settings and screen appearance in Windows XP. To resolve this issue, you need to enabled Windows classic theme.

24. The program freezes on a Mac. (Preview)

The program freezes on a Mac, meaning the screen doesn’t change and cursor doesn’t move. The program may freeze on a mac because of incompatible colour settings. Change colour settings on your computer screen to 8-bit depth (256 colours).

25. Where do I type the answer? (Preview)

Nothing happens when I push the space key or the enter key. You must type an answer in the white spaceship area below the questions. Before pressing the space key or the enter key.

26. Installation issues on a Windows computer (Preview)

Sometimes issues can arise when installing on a Windows platform. Using safe mode may help resolve this issue.

27. Error: "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" (Preview)

When running the program, the following error occurs: “This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.” Explanation This problem may be caused by a conflict or lack of system resources. Check you have the correct system requirements and reinstall the program as follows: Uninstall the program. Reboot your computer. Close all […]

28. Not accepting correct answers and/or graphics errors. (Preview)

On a Windows computer, the program does not accept the correct answers and/or graphical errors when the screen is redrawn. Explanation The reason correct answers are not accepted is that the graphical errors are causing the part of the necessary information to be obscured. Solution The most common solution to this issue is to update […]

29. Accessing the senior level menu (Preview)

The “senior” game types are grayed out. How can the senior game types be accessed? Choices are grayed out before senior is chosen from level menu. Choose “senior” from the level menu. This will activate the senior game menu.

30. Error: "Not a valid win32 application." (Preview)

When you run the program the following error appears: “Not a valid win32 application.” Explanation This error can occur if the program installation becomes corrupted. Solution To resolve this issue: Uninstall the program. Empty the temporary files folder. This can be done using the Disk Cleanup tool. Optionally, you may wish to run an anti-virus/anti-spyware […]

31. How do I move to the next level in the game? (Preview)

When I run the program, it always starts on the same level level. How do I move to the next level in the game? The program does not automatically progress through the levels. The reason for this is so that players can practice any level they wish. To change levels, manually select the new level […]

32. How do I start the game? (Preview)

The Windows version of the program automatically starts up with the “Counting to 5” game and uses yen symbols as the invaders. To start playing, press the “Begin Game” button on the main screen.