Can I create a custom word list?

Spelling Force comes with ability to create your own custom spelling lists. To create your own custom list:

  1. Click the “Enter New List” button.
  2. Start typing the word you would like in your new list. After you have typed the first three letters, similar words from the built-in word bank will appear in the box below.
  3. If the word you would like appears, either double-click it to add it to your new list or select it and press the “Add to List” button.
    Note: You can enter words that are not in the built-in word bank but make sure you spell them correctly. When that word is presented in your missions, it will not be spoken out loud, and will have the sentence “I am trying to learn to spell the word (your word)”.
  4. A message will let you know that your list is full once you have entered 10 words. You may still change any words at this time.
  5. If you are happy with the list press “OK”.

The custom word list will be automatically saved. The filename will be your first name, last initial and the date that you entered the list, for example, “KylieK26Jul02”. This means that each student can only create one custom word list each day, as the 2nd, 3rd, nth word list will overwrite the first.

After you have created your custom list, you will be taken to the “Test Yourself” screen to take a test on your new list of words.