Changing the location of the EdAlive Server

How can I change the installation folder of the EdAlive Server and still use the existing group and user data?

If you have already installed and used the EdAlive Server (so that group and user data has been written to the hard drive) and now want to change the installation directory, you will need to re-install the EdAlive Server to a new location and copy the existing group and user data across.

  1. Browse to and backup the “moduledata” folder (see below). For example, copy C:/Program Files/EdAlive Network Server OLD/moduledata to your desktop, or compress the folder and burn it to a CD. Backing up your group and user data allows you to make this data available to the new installation.
  2. Uninstall the EdAlive Server.
  3. Install a new copy of the EdAlive Server. We recommend you install the latest version.
  4. If you are using a Windows operating system and have installed the EdAlive Server as a service, make sure the service is running. Otherwise, browse to the new installation directory and run the EdAlive Server as an application.
  5. Exit the EdAlive Server application (or stop the service), and copy the backup of your group and user data to the “moduledata” folder in the new installation.

When you re-run the EdAlive Server (either as an application, or as a service), the old group and user data should be available. After you connect any of the client programs (Typing Tournament, BRAINtastic!, etc), you should be able to see all the original groups and users.

The “moduledata” folder has a different location depending on your platform.

Windows XP: C:\Program Files\EdAlive Network Server\moduledata\
Windows Vista: C:\ProgramData\EdAlive\Server\moduledata\
Mac OS X: Macintosh HD:Applications:EdAlive Server:moduledata: