Client/Server installation instructions

How do I install the program on our network? Applies to the Client/Server version of the program only.


The Network version of the program has a Server and Client component and can run on both Windows or Mac networks.

EdAlive Server Installation:

  1. Install the server program, called the EdAlive Server, on your network server computer, or another computer on your network.
  2. Start the EdAlive Server. If you are using Windows and chose to install the EdAlive Server to run as a service, you will need to start the service from the Windows Services Window
  3. If you installed the EdAlive Server on a Mac computer (or on a Windows computer as a regular application), you should see one or more module windows. (Each module window displays information about a particular type of client program. For example, if you are going to be using the network versions of both BRAINtastic! and Typing Tournament, you should see a module window for each of these two programs). When the module windows appear, the EdAlive Server is ready to accept connections from the client programs.
    Note: Once you install and run the EdAlive Server, a folder called “moduledata” is created (see this post to see where the “moduledata” folder is located on your system). All group/user data and settings are stored within the “moduledata” folder. If you experience some sort of permission issue, check to see that the appropriate users have full read/write access to this folder.

Client Installation:

  1. Using the same Network CD, install the client program on each network computer.
    Note: See this post for information on network deployment of the client program.
  2. Start the client program.
  3. The client program should scan the network and automatically connect to the EdAlive Server. See this topic if the client application cannot connect to the EdAlive Server.