Error: “TB40RUN caused an access violation in TB40RUN.EXE at 0x00000005.”

When running the program, the following error appears:

  • Error: “TB40RUN caused an access violation in TB40RUN.EXE at 0x00000005. Click on ‘Close’ to terminate the application. Click on ‘Ignore’ to continue.”

This problem comes as a result of the age of Musicianship Basics.

The solution is to either:

  • Always run Musicianship Basics from a Windows Admin account


  1. Log in to a Windows Admin account
  2. Open Computer >   C: >   Program Files >   Musicianship Basics
  3. Select all the files in this folder
  4. Right-click on one of the selected files, and choose Properties
  5. Tick the box marked Read Only and press OK
  6. Now Musicianship Basics should work from any Windows user account

Legacy (Windows XP):

This issue has to do with file permissions. Use the follow steps to resolve the issue (note that file permissions can be changed on Windows XP using the security tab.

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Give full read/write permissions on the windows TEMP folder to all users.
  3. Navigate to the installation folder of Musicianship Basics.
  4. Find the following 4 files:
    • MUSBASIC 2
    • TB40NET
    • TB40RUN 4
    • TBLOAD
  5. For each of the above files, right-click and select “Properties”. Under the “General” tab, tick “Read Only”.
  6. Start the program.