Error: “The ordinal 1334 could not be located…”

When trying to run the program, the following error appears:

  • “The ordinal 1334 could not be located in the dynamic link library IML32.dll.”

If the OK button is clicked, a second error follows:

  • “This application cannot start as it cannot create needed files. There may not be enough free disk space.”


This problem is caused by a conflict between different versions of the same two files (“IML32.dll” and “DIRAPI.dll”). These files are used by Director programs or programs made with Director-related products, and they should only exist in the Application folder or Director folders – anywhere else and they cause problems.

See the following reports for more information.

Possible Solution

Important note:

The files listed above (“IML32.dll” and “DIRAPI.dll”) are used by Director programs and programs made with Director products. Deleting or renaming them should not affect your computer but may affect programs like Flash Player. If you would prefer not to delete these files, you can rename them instead. We suggest names similar to “IML32_old.dll” and “DIRAPI_old.dll”. This makes returning the computer to its original state easy. We also suggest you create a backup and/or system restore point before proceeding.

  1. Search for “IML32.dll”.
  2. If you find any copies of this file in the “Windows”, “System32” or “Temp” directories, delete them. (You can also rename them if you prefer.)
  3. Copies of this file in other directories should not cause any problems.
    Note that files in Director directories should be OK even if those Director directories are located inside the “System32” directory.
  4. Follow steps 1-3 for the file “DIRAPI.dll”.