Error: “Unhandled exception: abc123 At address: abc123.”

Error Message:

  • “Unhandled exception: abc123 At address: abc123.”

This is an issue for Windows computers only.


This problem is caused by a memory setting that is rarely enabled on Windows client systems but seems to be enabled by default on Windows servers.


Add a D.E.P. exception for the EdAlive program’s exectuable.

To do this:

  1. Access the Control Panel, then select System

    If you’re using a Windows Vista or 2008 server system, click “Advanced system settings”.

  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. Click the Performace Settings button
  4. Select the Data Execution Prevention tab
  5. Click the Add… button and select the program executable for the EdAlive product that is casuing the error.
  6. click OK or Apply

Note: If you move the EdAlive program to a different location, the DEP exception will no longer apply because the absolute path of the executable has changed. In this case, reapply the exception.