Installing Spelling Force on Smart-Tools/Connect

How can Spelling Force be installed on RM Smart-Tools/Connect 2.4?

  1. Create the following folders:
    • p:apps32BitWinNewHoriz
    • p:apps32BitWinNewHorizRecords
    • p:apps32BitWinNewHorizSounds
  2. Ensure that all users have:
    • Change Control (RWXD) on the records folder (p:apps32BitWinNewHorizRecords)
    • Read/Execute (RX) on the sounds folder (p:apps32BitWinNewHorizSounds)
  3. Copy all the sound files and folders from the sounds folder on the CD to the sounds folder you created in step 1 (p:apps32BitWinNewHorizSounds).
  4. On your build station, run RM Application Wizard 1st Scan and install the software as follows:
    1. Run the installer from the CD.
    2. When prompted, select “Minimum Install”.
    3. Accept the default installation folder.
  5. Start Spelling Force (your screen resolution must be at least 800×600
  6. Log on as teacher/parent (the default password is “school”) and set the file path for saving records to the records folder you created in step 1 (p:apps32BitWinNewHorizRecords).
  7. Once logged in as teacher/parent set the file path for accessing sounds to the sounds folder you created in step 1 (p:apps32BitWinNewHorizSounds).
  8. Optionally, you may also wish to change the teacher/parent password at this point.
  9. Save your settings and exit the adminisitration section.
  10. Start program again and change any other parameters according to your preferences, but do not create users at this time.
  11. Run RM Application Wizard 1st Scan to test and allocate to any required stations.

ATTENTION: Are these folder names correct? Is this problem correct in general?