MSI Modifications for BRAINtastic v2

When deploying BRAINtastic v2 to multiple networked computers using the provided MSI files, you must modify the MSI file in order to specify the IP address and port of the computer on which the EdAlive Server is listening. However, you only need to modify a single MSI file, and not all of the MSI files. The reason for this is explained below.

BRAINtastic v2 has three main components: Central Control, various Content Modules, and the Reward Games.

Content Modules contain the educational content (and are named, for example, “Maths Lower Primary”) while Reward Games are the games that students play after completing educational content. Central Control, as the name suggests, is the “controlling” part of the application. It deals with user profiles, tracks user progress, allows you to create classes (if you have the School or Network edition – the Home edition does not allow classes), determines the Work/Play ratio and so on. For the Network edition, Central Control also controls networking functionality.

If your copy of BRAINtastic v2 includes MSI installers, you will find that each type of component – Central Control, Content Modules and Reward Games – will have their own MSI installers. Because Central Control is the only component that deals with networking functionality, you will only need to modify the Central Control MSI – you do not have to modify those for the Content Modules or Reward Games. These other MSI files can be deployed normally via Active Directory and Group Policy without any modifications. Note, however, that this should be done after installing the Central Control MSI.

In summary, to install BRAINtastic v2 using the provided MSI files:

  1. Modify the Central Control MSI, if necessary, using Microsoft’s Orca.
  2. Deploy the Central Control MSI.
  3. Deploy the other MSI files – i.e., those for the Reward Games and Content Modules.