Multiple errors occur when trying to run Spelling Force

When trying to run Spelling Force, the following errors appear:

  • “error in app.saveinitprefs method”
  • “error in app.load.initialprefs method”
  • “error in event”

Explanation 1

The user is trying to run the program directly from the CD.


Spelling Force is designed to be installed to (and run from) your local hard drive. If run from the CD, the program will try to write information back to the CD. As CDs are a type of read-only media, this will cause errors.

You can resolve this issue by installing Spelling Force to your hard drive (if it is not already installed), and running the program locally.

Explanation 2

In some cases the above errors are caused because the user does not have privileges needed to create the data files within the Spelling Force install folder.


You can resolve this issue by modifying user permissions.