Program cannot find network save data location when run on Windows

This problem may occur when all of the following conditions are met.

  • The program displays an error, usually straight after it is opened.
  • The program is being run on a Windows operating system.
  • The error says something about not being able to find the save data location or the save data location not existing.
  • The save path is on another computer on the network.
  • The network computer requires a username and password to access.
  • The network connections seem to be working properly.


Add the appropriate username and password to each user’s saved network passwords, using the network name of the computer in the “Log on to” field.

If this does not work, try adding it a second time, using the IP address in the “Log on to” field.


EdAlive client software that saves data directly to a network location (i.e. not client-server software) save a path string to remember the location of its save data. It will try to connect to the network name or IP address in that path string using the username and password that Windows has saved for accessing that computer. If the path string uses an IP address, there needs to be a username and password remembered for the IP address, even if there is already a username and password remembered for the network name of the same computer, and vice versa.