Question q_25059, “Beginning and End”

The Words Skills ONE question q_25059, “Beginning and End”, asks you to complete 2 words, “dress” and “seal”. If the question is answered correctly, when it checks your answer, it declares that the “s” for “seal” is incorrect.

This issue only applies to the BRAINtastic! V1 Word Skills, and has been fixed in BRAINtastic V2 Word Skills.


We have created a patch for this issue, however it is not yet contained in an easy-to-use patch installer.

To apply the patch manually:

  1. Download the patch file (“section_29.dat”)
  2. Open the BRAINtastic! V1 installation folder. This is found in “C:\Program Files\” on Windows (assuming your system drive is “C:”) or “Applications” on a Macintosh.
  3. Open the “Content” folder
  4. Open the “word_skills_one” folder.
    (If this folder does not exist then this patch does not apply to you.)
  5. Open the “content” folder.
  6. Place the patch file in this folder, and when prompted, choose to replace the existing file with the same name.

Attention:The issue above only relates to the Australian content for BRAINtastic Word Skills, and only for the version that was distributed with the CD version 1.2.1.