Read/write access errors on Mac OS X

When running the program on a Mac OS X, read/write errors occur.

To control access to your important information, Mac OS X automatically sets permissions for disks, folders, and files. You can change these permissions for an item using the information window (Apple+i) in Finder, so that users can run and save certain programs.

You can change permissions for an item using the Info window in Finder. Mac OS X provides distinct permissions for three types of users:

  1. The “owner” of the item, which is usually the name of the person who created the item, or yourself .
  2. Any member of the group assigned to the item by Mac OS X.
  3. Any other user with access to the computer .

There are four levels of permission:

  1. “Read & Write” allows a user to open the item to see its contents and change it.
  2. “Read Only” allows a user to open the item to see its contents, but not change the contents or copy them.
  3. “Write Only” makes a folder into a drop box. Users can copy items to the drop box, but cannot open the drop box to see its contents. Only the owner of the drop box can open it to take items out.
  4. “No Access” blocks all access to the item so that users can’t open the item, change its contents, or copy its contents.

To learn more about file permissions on a Mac OS X, search the web or look through Apple’s support page.