Saved Custom Lists Not Appearing On Client/Server Setup

In a school setting where Spelling Force is being used in conjuction with the SpellForce Server, some or all of the Custom Lists that teachers are creating are not available to be selected and changed.

This problem can occur if you have set the name of the Custom Lists you have created to include commas ( , ).

To overcome the problem, follow the steps below.

  1. Find the location in which the custom word lists are saved.

    You can do this by running the Spelling Force Server as an application (if you are using Windows, you may need to stop the Spelling Force Server from running as a service). The save location for all data should be displayed in a text box on the main window. Navigate to this location then open the “Users/Players.sfg/customlists” folder (where “Players.sfg” is the folder name of the appropriate Spelling Force group.

  2. For each file make sure there are no commas in the filename.

    You should also avoid using commas in the future.