Separate copies of the EdAlive Server

Do I need a separate copy of EdAlive Server for each program I am networking, and what are the programs that use the EdAlive client/server networking method?

Only a single copy of the EdAlive Server needs to be running on your network. Multiple clients can connect to the server, and the server manages the reading/writing of student data.

The EdAlive Server does not only support multiple connections, but it also supports multiple client programs! In other words, a variety of EdAlive programs have the capacity to make use of the centralised storage provided by the EdAlive Server (according to each programs version/licence). For each type of client program (for example, Numbers Up! 2 Baggin’ the Dragon or BRAINtastic!), the appropriate module needs to be installed. A module handles the protocol for communicating with each type of client program, as well as reading/writing data to the hard drive.

The following programs can use the EdAlive Server. The modules for each of these client programs are located in the top level of the EdAlive Server folder.


Module filename: mod_btc.dxr

Numbers Up! 2 Baggin’ the Dragon

Module filename: mod_nu2.dxr
Configuration filename: nu2_index.cfg

Ultimate Math(s) Invaders

Module filename: mod_umi.dxr

Typing Tournament

Module filename: mod_tpt.dxr

Words Rock

Module filename: mod_wrk.dxr