Setting up a shared location for networking EdAlive programs

How can I set up a shared location for networking EdAlive programs?

Many EdAlive products come as standalone and client/server versions. The client/server versions are specifically designed to run over a network, while the standalone versions are not. However, some of the licence versions (Spelling Force and Volcanic Panic) can read/write files over a network using shared locations.


To configure an EdAlive program to work over the network with a Mac computer:

  1. Make sure your network and file sharing is set up correctly.
  2. Create a shared folder with read/write access for everyone who will be using the program.
  3. On each of the client machines, add the shared folder as a login item so that it is available as soon as each computer starts up. We recommend you save the username and password in the keychain so that students don’t need to remember this information.


To configure an EdAlive to work over the network with Windows:

  1. Set up a shared folder/drive on one of your network computer.
  2. Make this shared location on each client machine. We recommend that you set this up to automatically connect each time a user logs on.
  3. Make sure that each client that connects to the mapped network drive had read/write privileges.