Some users are not visible.

When logged in to the computer with certain users, some user account within BRAINtastic! are not visible.


On Windows XP, if standard users do not have read/write permissions on the installation folder, user profiles will be created in Document and Settings\User\Application Data\EdAlive\Braintastic rather that the installation folder (the default is C:\Program files\Braintastic). In this situation, some users will not be visible depending on which user is logged in.

Solution A

Update to the latest version of BRAINtastic!.

Solution B

To resolve this issue, enable standard user access to the BRAINtastic! installation direcotry.

  1. Login as the Administrator of the computer.
  2. Install the full program in its default location.
  3. After installing the program, launch the program once then quit.
  4. Navigate to the “Profiles” folder located within the BRAINtastic! installation folder and give “Full Control” to all users of the computer.
  5. Logout as the Administrator and then login as a standard user.
  6. Start the program.