Teacher password recovery for EdAlive Software

EdAlive Home / Standalone Titles

The password for the home/school standalone version of Ultimate Maths Invaders, Words Rock, Baggin’ the Dragon, Volcanic Panic, Typing Tournament, and BRAINtastic is stored in the system.ini file under the [admin] section.
The file can be found on a Mac by following these instructions:
1. Navigate to your applications folder
2. Right click the application you want to recover the password from
3. Select the option Show package contents
4. Navigate to: Contents\Resources\Profiles\system.ini
5. Opening this file will show you the password
With BRAINtastic, it is stored in the BRAINtastic Application directory (Not the application)

The file can be found on a Windows machine at the following location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\EdAlive\%PROGRAMNAME%\Profiles

Please note that BRAINtastic may be stored under BRAINtastic V2 instead of Edalive.

EdAlive Titles on a School Network

The EdAlive Network titles communicate with EdAlive Server which stores data for them. The Teacher password is stored in the EdAlive Servers system.ini which is located in the module data for the server. The file is stored in the following locations:

Macintosh: /library/Application Support/EdAlive/v2c/system.ini
Windows Pre Vista: C:/Program Files/EdAlive/EdAlive Server/moduledata/v2c/system.ini
Windows Post Vista: C:/ProgramData/EdAlive/Server/v2c/system.ini

The default values are as such:


Cengage Titles

The password for the network version of Computer Classroom, Maths Made Easy, and Reading for Literacy is stored unencrypted in a file called “TP.dat”. The password is on the first line of this file.
The file can be found on the Mac in the following directory.
~/Library/Application Support/EdAlive/mathsme/nw_mathsmeX
Note that that the tilde (“~”) stands for the current user’s home directory, and “X” stands for the individual Maths Made Easy title. For example, “nw_mathsme1” or “nw_mathsme2”.

On a Windows computer, it can be found in the following location.
C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\EdAlive\mathsme\nw_mathsmeX\TP.dat
Substitute “USER” for your username. Note that some versions of Windows will have the data stored in a different location, but it will still be in relation to the user’s home directory (meaning the path will end with “Application Data\EdAlive\mathsme\nw_mathsmeX\TP.dat”.