The EdAlive Server (version 1.2) starts then shuts down when run as a service.

If the default installation path of the EdAlive Server is changed when installing the program as a service, the following error appears:

“The EdAlive Server service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance Logs and Alerts service”.


This error message appears because the default installation path was changed.

Solution A – Upgrade to the Latest Version

The easiest solution to this issue is to upgrade to the latest EdAlive Server (this is a free download).

Solution B – Edit the Registry

A more difficult solution is to make a few changes in the registry.

CAUTION: Please do NOT change registry settings if you are not familiar with editing the registry, as any unwanted changes to the Windows registry may cause problems on your computer.

To correctly edit the registry, use the following procedure:

  1. On the Start menu, click “Run” then type “regedit” and press enter.
  2. Under the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Edalive\Parameters Step
  3. Click the “Parameters” key, right click “Application” and click “Modify”.
  4. Under “Value Data” change the path to where you have installed the EdAlive Server application file (e.g., “C:\Program Files\EdAlive Network Server v1.2\EdAlive Network Server.exe”).
  5. Click OK and close the Registry Editor.
  6. View the Windows Services by clicking “Run” from the Start menu, typing “services.msc” and pressing enter.
  7. Start the EdAlive Server service.