Updating EdAlive Server with Software Upgrade

How do I update the EdAlive Server after updating to version 2 products?

As older versions of the EdAlive Server wont support connections from V2 clients, EdAlive Server needs to be updated.
EdAlive Server v1.4 ( Win | Mac ) is the latest version and it adds support for connections from Ultimate Maths Invaders V2

To update the EdAlive Server:

  1. Stop the EdAlive Server service / close the EdAlive Server application
  2. Backup the EdAlive Server data and configuration
    • The EdAlive Server default data locations are:
    • Windows XP / Server 2003 / Mac (any version):
      1. The “moduledata” folder in the EdAlive Server’s application directory, and the “server.cfg” file
    • Windows Vista / 7 / Server 2008:
      1. C:\ProgramData\EdAlive\Server for newer versions of the EdAlive Server. NOTE: In this case, you do not actually need to backup the data because the data is external to the application and won’t be removed when the application is uninstalled.
      2. The “moduledata” folder in the EdAlive Server’s application directory, and the “server.cfg” file, for older versions of the EdAlive Server. Windows may also use the Virtual Store if it doesn’t have write access to the Program Files application directory.
  3. Uninstall the current EdAlive Server
  4. (Windows only) Restart the computer. This flushes the EdAlive Server Service from the registry, and must be done before a new version is installed. An alternative is to use “sc delete EdAliveServer” from the command prompt.
  5. Install the new EdAlive Server
  6. Check that the new EdAlive Server isn’t running (including as a Service) and then restore the data and config to the same location you backed it up from earlier, if necessary.
    • On Vista / 7 / Server 2008, when upgrading from a version of the EdAlive Server that previous had its data stored inside its application directory, when the new version is first run, it should migrate data stored inside its application directory to the new C:\ProgramData\EdAlive\Server location.
      If the new EdAlive Server has already run previously, it will have created a new dataset in the C:\ProgramData\EdAlive\Server location which will prevent data in the old location from being migrated. You can move/remove the “Server” folder to allow the EdAlive Server to attempt to migrate the data again. NOTE: always stop the EdAlive Server before manually adding, moving or deleting files that it uses.
  7. Run the EdAlive Server application or start the Service. NOTE: the application and the Service share the same files and cannot run at the same time.