Volcanic Panic v2 and Baggin the Dragon v2 IUL conflict. Director Player Error on user login

This problem is only present if you have installed both Volcanic Panic version 2.0.4 or older, and Baggin the Dragon version 2.0.4 or older.

The program will display a Director Player Error and crash if you were to follow the steps below.

  1. You log in to the administration section of either Volcanic Panic or Baggin’ the Dragon.
  2. You select all of the content for one of the ages, and apply that to one or more users.
  3. You launch the other program (Volcanic Panic or Baggin’ the Dragon) and try to login with the same user as above.

Version 2.0.5 of Volcanic Panic and Baggin the Dragon fixes this issue.

You will need to update both programs to fix the problem.

Note: content selection settings for both programs will be reset, so you will need to reapply content settings. User progress (Statistics) will not be affected.