Patch for errors when trying to run installed program

Download the Patch for errors when trying to run installed program

Are you having problems with Numbers Up, Numbers Up 2, Ultimate Maths Invaders, Typing Tournament or Words Rock crashing when you try to run it on Windows (9x, NT, 2000, XP, etc…)? If you think your problem could be the same as the one described here in our support section then the following information might help.

The issue with the programs listed above is that the dynamic link libraries (dll’s) they use are stored within the executable file. When the program is run, the dll files are extracted to a temporary location so that they can be accessed. Problems arise when the program finds dll files with the same name in the system folder. By default these other incompatible dll files will take preference over the extracted files in the temporary location and will be used by the program.

To fix this issue I have created new executable files with external dll’s for all the products listed above. This should fix the problems like “Application error. This application cannot run.” and anything else caused by incompatible dll files.

How to patch your program:

The first thing you need to do is download the patch, a link is located below.

To install any of the above patches you will need to extract the files the to appropriate programs install folder using a program like Winzip of 7zip. For example if you were going to update Numbers Up Volcanic Panic then you would extract the files to ‘C:\Program Files\Numbers Up Volcanic Panic\’.